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#5214: Corrupted WebM VP9 from .MOV file
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Comment (by jlgrall):

 Replying to cehoyos:
 > What makes you think that the output file is corrupt?

 In the Firfox bug report, ‚ÄčNicolas Silva says in comment 6:
 > The reason this video is failing is that its cb and cr planes are
 slightly bugger than its y planes, in the texture allocation code there's
 a sanity check that the y size is superior or equal to the y size and I
 indeed added the check in that range.

 Also, ‚ÄčJean-Yves Avenard says in comment 13:
 > Personally here, I wouldn't apply those changes: the video is invalid,
 that we used to play it was a bug :)
 > It's the media that needs fixing.

 I am going to point them to this bug report, I hope they can give us more

 Note: in the Firefox bug report, the .webm file was encoded with ffmpeg
 v2.8.1. The latest ffmpeg 20160129-git-5893e87 output .webm still crashes
 Firefox and VLC, but maybe it is a bit different cause, because a binary
 diff shows that the output .webm files have a lot of differences between
 ffmpeg 2.8.1 and ffmpeg 20160129-git-5893e87.

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