[FFmpeg-trac] #5238(undetermined:reopened): gapless playback doesn't work (with at least Opus)

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#5238: gapless playback doesn't work (with at least Opus)
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 Uhm... Carl,... I'm a bit unsure what you want more...

 The command line with ffmpeg is already given above:
 $ ffmpeg -i in.{mp3/opus/ogg/wav} out.wav
 and this I do for each of the sample files.

 I did it with git's HEAD for master as you requested, provided all console
 output in the log files (contained in the tarball), and showed quite
 clearly where decoding with ffmpeg apparently doesn't work as it should by
 both, listening tests when playing these ffmpeg-decoded WAVs and/or
 opening them in a wav editor.

 Unless ffmpeg contains a secret gui WAV editor and/or or a player that
 plays more then one file, there's really not.
 Also I do not quite understand why you ask again for the console output,
 if it's already part of the tarball..

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