[FFmpeg-trac] #5276(undetermined:closed): Encoding with libvpx-vp9 produces corrupt results

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Sun Feb 28 17:22:02 CET 2016

#5276: Encoding with libvpx-vp9 produces corrupt results
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Comment (by jamrial):

 Replying to [comment:5 Compizfox]:
 > I tried with the option {{{-pix_fmt yuv422p}}} added (because my input
 file is also in that colour space) but that doesn't solve the problem.

 Firefox, at least the current stable version, only supports yuv420p vp9
 video. No idea about Chrome or VLC, but it's probably the same problem:
 VP9 Profiles 1 and above (yuv422p, yuv440p, yuv444p, 10 and 12 bit video)
 are relatively new and its use not widespread. Only the latest versions of
 libavcodec and libvpx can decode and encode them.

 Use yuv420p to encode webm files that can be played with current browsers,
 or switch to a different video player that uses a more recent libavcodec
 or libvpx build.

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