[FFmpeg-trac] #5120(undetermined:new): Incorrect start frame when converting mpeg2video in .mov to mp4

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Sun Jan 3 23:38:53 CET 2016

#5120: Incorrect start frame when converting mpeg2video in .mov to mp4
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Comment (by sroy8):

 Yes, iMovie shows the time of the input file as 0.7s, and the time of the
 output file as 1.2s.  This corresponds to what I see in Quicktime, though
 Quicktime doesn't display times at sub-second precision, so I can't
 confirm there.  I can confirm that in iMovie the two files look very

 The output I'm expecting is roughly the equivalent of:

 % ffmpeg -ss 0.522533 -i incorrect-start-frame.mov correct-start-frame.mp4

 This uses -ss with the start time value of the input video.  Running
 ffprobe on correct-start-frame.mp4 gives:

 % ffprobe correct-s
   Duration: 00:00:00.70, start: 0.021333, bitrate: 11945 kb/s

 Inspecting this by eye, the result still isn't quite right, since the
 initial frame looks slightly different.  You can see that the feet are cut
 off at the bottom of the picture in a slightly different position than in
 the input video.

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