[FFmpeg-trac] #5163(undetermined:new): [aac @ 0x1c11420] element type mismatch 1 != 0

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Mon Jan 18 21:48:47 CET 2016

#5163: [aac @ 0x1c11420] element type mismatch 1 != 0
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Comment (by zhangweiwu):

 > How I can I reproduce this? The output file plays fine here.

 The source file plays fine on Windows Media Player version 12 (shipped
 with Windows 7), the output plays silently, so I thought it is caused by
 the only error message '[aac @ 0x1c11420] element type mismatch 1 != 0'

 Since it played fine with you, I retested playback with QuickTime, and the
 output was as you said, fine.

 In that case, the problem (output AAC plays silently on WMP) probably is
 another issue filed somewhere else already and unrelated to the error

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