[FFmpeg-trac] #4768(undetermined:new): FFmpeg preserving CFR during TS to MP4 conversion

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Tue Jan 26 08:09:18 CET 2016

#4768: FFmpeg preserving CFR during TS to MP4 conversion
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Comment (by Misaki):

 Note, if using process substitution as described above, you must provide
 the full path for the files, not the relative path from the current
 directory. Why, I do not know. I looked up my comment just to see how I
 did it since I couldn't get it to work again. (described in the bash

 In fact, this is not a bug in bash, because of an error I got while trying
 to test it and forgetting to add everything.

  ffmpeg -f concat -i <(echo 'tempfile.part')

 [concat @ 0x1db0aa0] Line 1: unknown keyword 'tempfile.part'
 /dev/fd/63: Invalid data found when processing input

  ffmpeg -f concat -i <(echo file 'tempfile.part')

 [concat @ 0xdd8aa0] Impossible to open '/dev/fd/tempfile.part'
 /dev/fd/63: No such file or directory

 So, as with some other cases, it's just a confusing error message. ffmpeg
 is accessing the input, as it can discriminate between incorrect keywords.
 It's just using the directory of the pipe (oh) instead of the current

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