[FFmpeg-trac] #4998(avformat:new): SanDisk Clip Sport/Jam is buggy, support generating "simpler" mp4 files that can be played by it.

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Thu Jan 28 17:44:57 CET 2016

#4998: SanDisk Clip Sport/Jam is buggy, support generating "simpler" mp4 files
that can be played by it.
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                 Type:  enhancement  |                   Status:  new
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Comment (by bat999):

 '''"Someone should report this problem to the manufactor of the device"'''

 I already tried that
 but got nowhere ---> [http://forums.sandisk.com/t5/SanDisk-Clip-Jam/Clip-
 It will be difficult to design a "simpler" switch for FFmpeg's muxer
 because the Sansa decoder will probably be proprietary.
 Unless they can be shamed into submitting a patch. rofl

 Up to now, the best results I have is to use mp4creator v 1.6.1e-pre with
 But even this isn't so good, my Sansa will only accept these files <= 30
 minutes duration.
 So I have to split long aac files with FFmpeg...

 ffmpeg -i foo.aac -f segment -segment_time 1800 -c copy %02d_foo.aac

 Then mux them with mp4creator...

 for f in *.aac; do wine mp4creator -create="$f" ${f%.aac}.m4a;rm "$f";

 Perhaps there is some option to use with mp4creator to solve this 30
 minute limit. Beats me.

 Maybe a "simpler" switch could be designed for FFmpeg to emulate
 If anybody out there is interested in this I will be happy to test it.

 The earlier Sansa players had problems with m4a files too.
 They got around it by using Rockbox, but Rockbox won't work with the Clip
 Sport/Jam. :-(

 @xubuntu:~$ wine mp4creator -h
 C:\windows\system32\mp4creator.exe: option requires an argument -- h
 usage: C:\windows\system32\mp4creator.exe  <options> <mp4-file>
   -aac-old-file-format    Use old file format with 58 bit adts headers
   -aac-profile=[2|4]      Force AAC to mpeg2 or mpeg4 profile
   -allow-avi-files        Allow avi files
   -calcH263Bitrates       Calculate and add bitrate information
   -create=<input-file>    Create track from <input-file>
     input files can be of type: .263 .aac .ac3 .amr .mp3 .divx .mp4v .m4v
 .cmp .xvid .chap
   -encrypt[=<track-id>]   Encrypt a track, also -E
   -extract=<track-id>     Extract a track
   -delete=<track-id>      Delete a track
   -force3GPCompliance     Force making the file 3GP compliant. This
 disables ISMA compliance.
   -forceH263Profile=<profile> Force using H.263 Profile <profile> (default
 is 0)
   -forceH263Level=<level>     Force using H.263 level <level> (default is
   -H263CbrTolerance=<value>   Define H.263 CBR tolerance of [value]
 (default: 10%)
   -hint[=<track-id>]      Create hint track, also -H
   -interleave             Use interleaved audio payload format, also -I
   -list                   List tracks in mp4 file
   -make-isma-10-compliant Insert bifs and od tracks required for some ISMA
 players (also -i)
   -mpeg4-video-profile=<level> Mpeg4 video profile override
   -mtu=<size>             Maximum Payload size for RTP packets in hint
   -optimize               Optimize mp4 file layout
   -payload=<payload>      Rtp payload type
                           (use 3119 or mpa-robust for mp3 rfc 3119
   -rate=<fps>             Video frame rate, e.g. 30 or 29.97
   -qth=<height>           Set a new height for QuickTime display
   -qtw=<width>            Set a new width for QuickTime display
   -timescale=<ticks>      Time scale (ticks per second)
   -use64bits              Use for large files
   -use64bitstime          Use for 64 Bit times (not QT player compatible)
   -variable-frame-rate    Enable variable frame rate for mpeg4 video
   -verbose[=[1-5]]        Enable debug messages
   -version                Display version information

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