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#5662: Enhancement request for the detelecine filter
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  filter                             |  unspecified
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 the detelecine filter currently does not use full frames even when they
 are available in the source but combines two fields from different frames.
 This results in suboptimal output, in particular for progressively encoded
 input files with hard telecining (I know that encoding such stuff
 progressively without IVTC is stupid; but it's nevertheless done). My
 attachment contains such an example: A five frame source (one complete 2:3
 pulldown period (top field first)) with hard telecining. The underlying
 four frame sequence (on which the pulldown has been applied) has a
 scenecut between the third and the fourth frame so that the fourth frame
 of the telecined video is a mixture of two fields from totally different
 frames; plus errors introduced in the encoding which entails that the
 bottom fields of frames four and five do not coincide and the bottom field
 of frame four and the top field of frame five do not match very well. In
 reconstructing the fourth frame of the untelecined video one should
 therefore use the top and bottom fields of the fifth frame of the
 telecined video; but that is not what the detelecine filter does.

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