[FFmpeg-trac] #5304(avformat:new): mpegts broken when using copy

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Mon Mar 7 11:34:27 CET 2016

#5304: mpegts broken when using copy
             Reporter:  joolzg     |                     Type:  defect
               Status:  new        |                 Priority:  critical
            Component:  avformat   |                  Version:  git-master
             Keywords:  mpegtsenc  |               Blocked By:
             Blocking:             |  Reproduced by developer:  0
Analyzed by developer:  0          |
 ffmpeg -i tenhd.ts -c:v copy -c:a copy -y -f mpegts temhd_78949.ts

 output is as it should be, no errors, no warnings, same as

 Now the problem is that we use a professional streamer, Edgeware WTV-2X
 and with version 73662 everything works, with any version after the
 edgeware rejects the streams.

 I have gone through the repository using bisect and run the above command
 on each version that bisect checks outs, and here are the md5 for each

 3acc816241628ec537523906e87158b5 tenhd_72632.ts
 3acc816241628ec537523906e87158b5 tenhd_73418.ts
 3acc816241628ec537523906e87158b5 tenhd_73614.ts
 3acc816241628ec537523906e87158b5 tenhd_73662.ts

 Not Working
 424eae4536cba80e21d17b3fb66fdadc tenhd_73664.ts
 424eae4536cba80e21d17b3fb66fdadc tenhd_73668.ts
 424eae4536cba80e21d17b3fb66fdadc tenhd_73674.ts
 424eae4536cba80e21d17b3fb66fdadc tenhd_73687.ts
 424eae4536cba80e21d17b3fb66fdadc tenhd_73712.ts
 424eae4536cba80e21d17b3fb66fdadc tenhd_73811.ts
 424eae4536cba80e21d17b3fb66fdadc tenhd_74205.ts
 424eae4536cba80e21d17b3fb66fdadc tenhd_75779.ts
 424eae4536cba80e21d17b3fb66fdadc tenhd_78926.ts
 424eae4536cba80e21d17b3fb66fdadc tenhd_78949.ts

 Now with 1 commit removed.
 3acc816241628ec537523906e87158b5 tenhd_78949.ts


 Removing this commit solves the problem I am having but I have not
 investigated why this causes the problems.

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