[FFmpeg-trac] #5287(undetermined:new): Protocol not on whitelist 'file'! in m3u8 for local use

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Mon Mar 7 14:09:23 CET 2016

#5287: Protocol not on whitelist 'file'! in m3u8 for local use
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Comment (by remitamine):

 cehoyos, if you download an m3u8 manifest using the script it will produce
 a m3u8 file simular to the example above.
 for example you can try this:
 python3 m3u8_downloader.py
 if you try to convert it using ffmpeg 3 it won't work but it works with
 previous versions.
 i ask at at least to enable file protocol if the input playlist is also
 requested using a local file but disable it if it's requested from an http

 gjdfgh, i use youtube-dl to extract the the m3u8 url from diffrent sites,
 i know that i can download them directly using youtube-dl but currently it
 uses ffmpeg to download HLS protected manifests and ffmpeg can't resume
 the download and it's also slow(it uses one connection).
 in the script i can resume the download of HLS protected manifests and
 speed up the download(parrallel downloads if i change the -j param passed
 to aria2c) and in the same time i can play the video.

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