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#5295: Unusual bug when file name starts with leading %20
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Comment (by rjmoses):

 Attached is a gzip file contain two bash test scripts. The modified code
 for http.c containing a workaround and the m3u8 files for a good case and
 a failing case.

 1) Due to attachment file size restriction of 2.5MB, the actual video
 files cannot be uploaded (They are 161MB).

 2) All testing was done under Linux Mint 17.3 with current updates as date
 of this posting.

 3) Modified code was excerpted from vlc video player and was changed to
 add '%' and '/' as uri safe characters to enable this work around to work.

 4) TestGood.s script will test a know good file without embedded blanks in
 the directory or file name.

 TestBad1.s script will test a known bad m3u8 file with embedded blanks in
 the directory or file name.

 5) Documentation referenced is from IETF RFC 2396 paragraph 2.3.

 6) The modified code in http.c is bracketed by "#ifdef TestRJMChanges"

 7) This problem can be reproduced locally by modifying the segment file
 names in the m3u8 file to embed blank(s) and renaming the .ts files to
 match the changed m38u file name.

 8) The m3u8 video files need to installed under the apache webserver top
 level directory, e.g., /var/www/html/TestGood(Bad1).

 9) If there is another way, I can upload the two complete directories.

 I hope this is sufficient to reopen this problem.  Please contact me if
 there are any questions or problems.

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