[FFmpeg-trac] #5272(avcodec:open): videotoolbox fails to initialize for mpeg2, mpeg4 codec

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Sun Mar 20 10:00:40 CET 2016

#5272: videotoolbox fails to initialize for mpeg2, mpeg4 codec
             Reporter:  lucaswang    |                    Owner:
                 Type:  defect       |                   Status:  open
             Priority:  important    |                Component:  avcodec
              Version:  git-master   |               Resolution:
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  videotoolbox regression            |  Reproduced by developer:  0
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Comment (by ponpon):

 measure to avoid this error

 this error arises from two changes.
 first: from EnableHardwareAcceleratedVideoDecoder to
 RequireHardwareAcceleratedVideoDecoder of videotoolbox.c in ID:
 second: from videotoolbox_extralibs="-framework CoreFoundation -framework
 VideoToolbox -framework CoreMedia -framework QuartzCore -framework
 CoreVideo" to videotoolbox_hwaccel_extralibs="-framework QuartzCore" of
 configure in ID: 3af71ac3f9f635856145503f2ace829aad813636

 execute the following. but videotoolbox software decoding is used.
 sed -i -e
 sed -i -e 's/videotoolbox_hwaccel_extralibs=\"-framework
 QuartzCore\"/videotoolbox_extralibs=\"-framework CoreFoundation -framework
 VideoToolbox -framework CoreMedia -framework QuartzCore -framework
 CoreVideo\"/g' "./configure"

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