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#5521: access decoder/demuxer error messages in ffprobe
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 Summary of the enhancement:

 I'd like to access error messages from demuxers and decoders output via
 ffprobe output.

 For instance a broken file can be produced via:
 ffmpeg -f lavfi -i mandelbrot -c:v mpeg2video -bsf noise=100000 -vframes
 100 -g 1 fuzzed_mpeg2video.mov

 The decoder errors can then be associated with pts and pos via:
 ffmpeg -i fuzzed_mpeg2video.mov -f null -vf showinfo -

 I'd like to decode the video with ffprobe to produce something like

 <frame media_type="video" stream_index="0" key_frame="1" pkt_pts="28160"
 pkt_pts_time="2.200000" pkt_dts="28160" pkt_dts_time="2.200000"
 best_effort_timestamp="28160" best_effort_timestamp_time="2.200000"
 pkt_duration="512" pkt_duration_time="0.040000" pkt_pos="768674"
 pkt_size="11877" width="640" height="480" pix_fmt="yuv420p"
 sample_aspect_ratio="1:1" pict_type="I" coded_picture_number="55"
 display_picture_number="0" interlaced_frame="0" top_field_first="0"
     <side_data side_data_type="GOP timecode" side_data_size="8"
     [mpeg2video @ 0x7ff5cc001000] invalid mb type in I Frame at 29 1
     [mpeg2video @ 0x7ff5cc001000] Warning MVs not available
 [mpeg2video @ 0x7ff5cc001000] concealing 40 DC, 40 AC, 40 MV errors in I

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