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#5546: MSVC x64 build broken
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Comment (by veroorzaker):

 was checking this more in detail and made a mistake in the description,
 seems I cannot edit it; proper description:

 Summary of the bug:
 Current git's master branch doesn't build with VS2013 here for the 64bit
 version after building the x86 version or vice versae. I can't tell since
 when it is, couple of onths ago build was still fine. Root cause is
 probably something doesn't get cleaned/built properly for consecutive

 How to reproduce:
 - get msys environment, yasm, ... (attached msbuild file below)
 - git clone ffmpeg

 now build x86 version:
 - run visual studio x86 command prompt
 - open msys's bash shell, cd to ffmpeg dir
 - ./configure --enable-shared --toolchain=msvc
 - make

 now build x64 version:
 - run visual studio x64 command prompt
 - open msys's bash shell, cd to ffmpeg dir
 - ./configure --enable-shared --toolchain=msvc
 - make clean
 - make

 This results in the original error displayed above.
 Doing it the other way around, i.e. clone, then build x64, make clean and
 then build x86 the error is "libavutil/adler32.o : fatal error LNK1112:
 module machine type 'X86' conflicts with target machine type 'x64'"

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