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#6305: Negative AVIndexEntry::timestamp value
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Comment (by s0m3):

 It's rather obvious for me but I guess we don't talk about the same thing.
 For me, "PTS" is a timestamp that specifies when I should display the
 frame on the screen.
 Its value is the elapsed time from the beginning of the stream.
 I convert it (from stream time unit) to 100ns unit for practical reason.

 Suppose we have a stream at 25fps, each frame lasts 40ms = 400000 100ns.
 So if I decode the 3 first frames, I should get pts 400000, 800000 and

 When I start playing, I start my clock and I compute the remaining time
 before the next frame to display.
 I sleep the amount of time I computed and when I wake up, I ask the clock
 what the current time is and test it against the next frame time.
 If it's in my error margin, I display the frame, otherwise, I drop the
 frame and wait for the next frame.
 My clock start at 0 100ns and run at realtime if playback rate is 100%.

 I know frames are not stored (in the stream) in display order but it
 doesn't matter for me since it's decoder role to deliver me in the right

 To answer your question, here are the steps to get the sample file
 attached to this bug:

 1) create a 640x400 px white picture (I used Gimp) and save it as
 2) D:\>D:\ffmpeg-3.2.4-win32-shared\bin\ffmpeg.exe -loop 1 -i D:\white.png
 -t 60 D:\tmp.mp4 -debug_ts 2> logA.log
 3) D:\>d:\ffmpeg-3.2.4-win32-shared\bin\ffmpeg.exe -i D:\tmp.mp4
 -filter_complex "drawtext=fontfile=C\\:/Windows/Fonts/Tahoma.ttf:
 text='frame %{n} %{pict_type} %{pts}': x=100: y=50: fontsize=24"
 "D:\sample h264 with timecode.mp4" -debug_ts 2>

 The resulting file has the following md5 sum:
 I compressed logA.log and logB.log into logs.7z and attached it to this

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