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Thu Feb 2 20:31:57 EET 2017

#6122: Support infinite loops in movie filter
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Comment (by slhck):

 I know I should post usage questions on the mailing list, but this wasn't
 one. I was sure that this wasn't implemented, because setting `loop=-1`
 gives an error:

 ffmpeg -i bbb.mp4 -filter_complex
 "movie=spinner-256-white.png:loop=-1[spinner]; [0:v][spinner]overlay[out]"
 -map "[out]" -t 5 out.avi


 ffmpeg version N-83288-gacf1dd5-tessus Copyright (c) 2000-2017 the FFmpeg
 [movie @ 0x7fb4834015c0] Error setting option loop to value -1.
 [Parsed_movie_0 @ 0x7fb483401500] Error applying options to the filter.
 [AVFilterGraph @ 0x7fb483600000] Error initializing filter 'movie' with
 args 'spinner-256-white.png:loop=-1'
 Error initializing complex filters.
 Result too large

 The documentation says: "If the value is less than 1, the stream will be
 read again and again" — and -1 is less than 1. Also, -1 is used for the
 `stream_loop` option to declare "infinite looping", which is why I thought
 it would work. Setting the option to 0 ''does'' work, but then either the
 documentation needs to be changed to reflect that, or the options for
 infinite looping should be harmonized by making -1 work in this filtering
 case as well.

 To me, having to set `loop=0` to make something loop infinitely just
 seemed absolutely counterintuitive which is why I didn't even try it.

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