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#6166: Support DCP playback
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 A working support for DCP playback has been recently commited to VLC:

 It would be nice if this were supported directly with ffmpeg so all
 downstream projects would benefit.

 There is an open source (I'm a not sure about the license, but VLC ships
 it) library for playing DCPs: http://www.cinecert.com/asdcplib/download/

 Also, DCP relies heavily on JPEG 2000. Decoding of JPEG 2000 is rather
 performance-demanding. There is a project that uses hardware acceleration
 (with NVidia) that might actually enable realtime playback:

 FFmpeg can already play DCPs along the lines of {{{ ffmpeg -lowres 1 -ss 0
 -r 24 -i 094cedc9-abf9-4e60-b947-26fae2a8b781_picture.mxf -ss 0 -i
 c98425dc-4b65-42b1-80f4-d8909a65bbc3_sound.mxf -ac: 2 -c:v mpeg2video -f
 avi - | ffplay - }}}
 (actual paths need to be of course changed) but it would be nice if one
 would be able to do somethign along {{{ ffplay
 DCP:///path/to/dcp/directory }}}

 Sample DCPs are here: http://www.dcpbuilder.com/download/cinema-

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