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Tue Jan 3 19:21:22 EET 2017

#6058: cuvid: Transcoding hangs after several files processed
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 I'm using ffmpeg to transcode a lot of MPEG-2 videos grabbed from DVB-S to
 H.264. I'm using ffmpeg with NVidia CUVID, videos are processed in batch
 mode, with two instances of ffmpeg running. However, after several
 recordings processed successfully, both ffmpeg instances hang. It appears
 to be working with frame rate steadily going to 0 fps; output H.264 file
 grows several times the size of original file. This continues until ffmpeg
 is eventually killed by batch managing process.

 After that, `ps aux` shows, that ffmpeg instances have become defunct and
 graphics card is no longer responding. `nvidia-smi dmon` shows 100% load
 on decoder and 0% on encoder despite no process running. Trying to reset
 the card using `nvidia-smi -i 0 -r` doesn't bring any good, the card
 becomes completely unresponsive and `nvidia-smi` is no longer able to
 communicate with it.

 I ran the transcoding with and without `-hwaccel` option, each one
 eventually failed.

 The problem is not reproducible in easy way, when you run ffmpeg on the
 very same files which caused the problem before, everything goes well.
 Just after processing several other files the processing hangs.

 My configuration:
 * Debian 8, kernel 4.7.0.
 * graphics card: GeForce GTX 950.
 * NVidia drivers tested: 375.26, 367.57.
 * ffmpeg versions tested: 3.2, 3.2.2, N-82987-gd800d48.

 I include logs from processing which hang.

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