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#5297: mpeg-4 als: "predictor order too large"
             Reporter:  ami_stuff    |                    Owner:
                 Type:  defect       |  thilo.borgmann
             Priority:  important    |                   Status:  open
              Version:  git-master   |                Component:  avcodec
             Keywords:  als          |               Resolution:
  regression                         |               Blocked By:
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Comment (by ami_stuff):

 the file decodes correctly (afaict - no error messages) with:

 C:\>C:\mp4alsRM23win\mp4alsRM23.exe -h

 mp4alsRM23 - MPEG-4 Audio Lossless Coding (ALS), Reference Model Codec
   Version 23 for Win32
   (c) 2003-2008 Tilman Liebchen, TU Berlin / LG Electronics
     E-mail: liebchen at nue.tu-berlin.de
   Portions by Yuriy A. Reznik, RealNetworks, Inc.
     E-mail: yreznik at real.com
   Portions by Koichi Sugiura, NTT Advanced Technology corporation
     E-mail: koichi.sugiura at ntt-at.co.jp
   Portions by Takehiro Moriya, Noboru Harada and Yutaka Kamamoto, NTT
     E-mail: {moriya.takehiro,harada.noboru,kamamoto.yutaka}@lab.ntt.co.jp

 Usage: mp4alsRM23 [options] infile [outfile]

   In compression mode, infile must be a PCM file (wav, aif, or raw format)
   or a 32-bit floating point file (normalized, wav format type 3).
   Mono, stereo, and multichannel files with up to 65536 channels and up to
   32-bit resolution are supported at any sampling frequency.
   In decompression mode (-x), infile is the compressed file (.als or
   If outfile is not specified, the name of the output file will be
   by replacing the extension of the input file (wav <-> als).
   If outfile is '-', the output will be written to stdout. If infile is
   the input will be read from stdin, and outfile has to be specified.

 General Options:
   -c  : Check accuracy by decoding the whole file after encoding.
   -d  : Delete input file after completion.
   -h  : Help (this message)
   -v  : Verbose mode (file info, processing time)
   -x  : Extract (all options except -v and -MP4 are ignored)
 Encoding Options:
   -7  : Set parameters for optimum compression (except LTP, MCC, RLSLMS)
   -a  : Adaptive prediction order
   -b  : Use BGMC codes for prediction residual (default: use Rice codes)
   -e  : Exclude CRC calculation
   -f# : ACF/MLZ mode: # = 0-7, -f6/-f7 requires ACF gain value
   -g# : Block switching level: 0 = off (default), 5 = maximum
   -i  : Independent stereo coding (turn off joint stereo coding)
   -l  : Check for empty LSBs (e.g. 20-bit files)
   -m# : Rearrange channel configuration (example: -m1,2,4,5,3)
   -n# : Frame length: 0 = auto (default), max = 65536
   -o# : Prediction order (default = 10), max = 1023
   -p  : Use long-term prediction
   -r# : Random access (multiples of 0.1 sec), -1 = each frame, 0 = off

   -s# : Multi-channel correlation (#=1-65536, jointly code every #
         # must be a divisor of number of channels, otherwise -s is ignored
   -sp#: Enforce ALS Simple Profile Level # (currently only #=1 is defined)
   -t# : Two methods mode (Joint Stereo and Multi-channel correlation)
         # must be a divisor of number of channels
   -u# : Random access info location, 0 = frames (default), 1 = header, 2 =
   -z# : RLSLMS mode (default = 0: no RLSLMS mode,  1-quick, 2-medium
 3-best )
 MP4 File Format Support:
   -MP4: Use MP4 file format for compressed file (default if extension is
   -OAFI:Force to embed meta box with oafi record
   -npi: Do not indicate the conformant profiles in the MP4 file
 Audio file support:
   -R  : Raw audio file (use -C, -W, -F and -M to specify format)
   -S# : Sample type: 0 = integer (default), 1 = float
   -C# : Number of Channels (default = 2)
   -W# : Word length in bits per sample (default = 16)
   -F# : Sampling frequency in Hz (default = 44100)
   -M  : 'MSByte first' byte order (otherwise 'LSByte first')
   -H# : Header size in bytes (default = 0)
   -T# : Trailer size in bytes (default = 0)
   -I  : Show info only, no (de)compression (add -x for compressed files)

   mp4alsRM23 -v sound.wav
   mp4alsRM23 -n1024 -i -o20 sound.wav
   mp4alsRM23 - sound.als < sound.wav
   mp4alsRM23 -x sound.als
   mp4alsRM23 -x sound.als - > sound.wav
   mp4alsRM23 -I -x sound.als

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