[FFmpeg-trac] #6510(undetermined:new): mpeg2_cuvid with de-interlacing freezes after minutes

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Tue Jul 4 12:24:42 EEST 2017

#6510: mpeg2_cuvid with de-interlacing freezes after minutes
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 When decoding MPEG-2 video using the hw codec "mpeg2_cuvid" with
 deinterlacing enabled, then after several minutes the video will freeze
 (it will be two frames repeating and swapping forever). The output
 continues, so the process doesn't stop and the audio works without errors.
 The problem is the video, as the input to the encoder will be the same two

 How to reproduce:

 ffmpeg \
 -threads 0 -ignore_unknown \
 -hwaccel cuvid \
 -c:v mpeg2_cuvid -deint 2 -drop_second_field 1 -resize 1280x720 \
 -i 'http://my-ts-server/channel_ts' \
 -c:v:0 h264_nvenc -preset:v:0 medium -profile:v:0 main -rc:v:0 cbr
 -cbr:v:0 1 \
  -b:v:0 2m -minrate:v:0 2m -maxrate:v:0 2m -bufsize:v:0 2m \
  -aspect:v:0 16:9 -bsf:v:0 h264_mp4toannexb \
  -surfaces:v:0 32 \
 -c:a:0 libfdk_aac -b:a:0 128k \
 -f mpegts \
  -resend_headers 1 -mpegts_copyts 0 \

 The input is a MPEG-TS with only one SD program with interlaced video.

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