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#6522: Hardcoded publish type of rtmp publishing
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 Type of publishing in
 RTMP] spec:
 "live", "record", or "append".
 '''record''': The stream is published and the data is recorded to a new
 file.The file is stored on the server in a subdirectory within the
 directory that contains the server application. If the file already
 exists, it is overwritten.
 '''append''': The stream is published and the data is appended to a file.
 If no file is found, it is created.
 '''live''': Live data is published without
 recording it in a file.

 we have hardcoded type "live":

 static int gen_publish(URLContext *s, RTMPContext *rt)
     RTMPPacket pkt;
     uint8_t *p;
     int ret;

     av_log(s, AV_LOG_DEBUG, "Sending publish command for '%s'\n",

     if ((ret = ff_rtmp_packet_create(&pkt, RTMP_SOURCE_CHANNEL,
                                      0, 30 + strlen(rt->playpath))) < 0)
         return ret;

     pkt.extra = rt->stream_id;

     p = pkt.data;
     ff_amf_write_string(&p, "publish");
     ff_amf_write_number(&p, ++rt->nb_invokes);
     ff_amf_write_string(&p, rt->playpath);
     ff_amf_write_string(&p, "live");

     return rtmp_send_packet(rt, &pkt, 1);

 For myself, of course, I will recompile, but I hope that it will be useful
 to someone.

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