[FFmpeg-trac] #6212(undetermined:new): Memory leak on Ubuntu 16.04

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Fri Mar 3 11:10:18 EET 2017

#6212: Memory leak on Ubuntu 16.04
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              Version:  git-master   |  undetermined
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Comment (by alqemyst):

 I can reproduce it with libx264 also. Reason why I was testing here with
 nvidia and vaapi is because leak is faster that way.

 It seems with http input leak is slower and I don't have enough data, also
 udp with cirrcular buffer. When I append cirrcular buffer I can very
 quickly see memory increasing. Of course when ffmpeg is compiled with
 --disable-pthreads fifo_sze is omitted but I kept same command.

 I will continue investigation and let you know if I find something more
 useful. Same ffmpeg and same commands, at least QSV, VAAPI and libx264
 work on Debian without leaks.

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