[FFmpeg-trac] #6228(undetermined:new): Output HLS (fMP4) from DASH muxer

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Fri Mar 10 14:21:39 EET 2017

#6228: Output HLS (fMP4) from DASH muxer
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 I need someone to guide me on this one. Dash muxer creates .m4s fragmets
 per adaptation set and creates manifest. I want to write additional .m3u8
 playlist per adaptation set and include all .m4s fragmets in provided
 window size. This way it would be possible to output both MPEG-DASH and
 HLS (fMP4) protocols by just manually creating master.m3u8 which contains
 adaptaion set .m3u8 lists.

 Do you think this is the right way to do it? I would make additional
 function called write_m3u8() then call it in write_manifest() function
 first inside loop for video streams, then for audio streams.

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