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#6389: Support H.265 over Adobe HTTP-FLV or RTMP
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 FFMPEG is a great project, thank everyone's awesome work!

 Adobe HTTP-FLV or RTMP is the defacto protocol for live streaming over
 internet and almost all encoders support pushing stream to server or CDN
 over RTMP protocol, while player like Adobe Flash or Android ExoPlayer or
 FFMPEG also support HTTP-FLV.

 Although H.265 is supported by HLS and TS, we can also delivery H.265 over
 HTTP-TS for realtime live streaming service, but CDNs are more friendly to
 RTMP/HTTP-FLV. For example, all, that's all, not some, all live streaming
 service in China now are using RTMP/HTTP-FLV for 3-5s latency, none of
 them chooses HLS for its large latency.

 Maybe realtime live streaming is not popular in the US, but I think it's
 only because the CDN is not very good at delivery RTMP/HTTP-FLV. I know
 some friends in the UK and US are now build the realtime CDN themselves,
 some use [NGINX-RTMP](https://github.com/arut/nginx-rtmp-module) like
 facebook, others using [SRS](https://github.com/ossrs/srs) to delivery
 realtime live streaming:

 Encoder ====RTMP====> SRS(Cluster) ====RTMP/HTTP-FLV====> Player

 Now, it work very good for H.264+AAC over RTMP/HTTP-FLV for 3-5s realtime
 live streaming service, what about H.265? Is there any plan to support
 H.265 over HTTP-FLV/RTMP?

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