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#6405: Compile troubles with “cuvid”, “nvenc” and “npp”
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Comment (by ahakon):


 Yes, the libnpp* libraries do not come with the nvidia driver.
 However, you can compile static with them (instead of regular dynamic
 linking to libnpp*.so).

 Moreover, libnpp* libraries are not linked to CUDA in any sense. As they
 are linked to the driver and not to the libcuda*.so. So you can use them
 without linking with "-lcuda".

 Then, the requirement to "link with the CUDA SDK" is not necessary to
 enable the libnpp.
 You can check it:

 - Install the CUDA SDK and compile FFMPEG.
 - If you compile with "--enable-libnpp --enable-cuda --enable-cuda-sdk"
 then the binary runs and is linked to libcuda*.so (check it with ldd).
 - If you make the change in the configuration file
 (scale_npp_filter_deps="cuda libnpp") and compile with "--enable-libnpp
 --enable-cuda --disable-cuda-sdk" then all goes fine... the binary runs
 and is not linked to libcuda*.so

 In fact, this confusion was caused when someone has updated the CUDA SDK
 files in FFMEPG.
 Before this change the old config was:
  [scale_npp_filter_deps="cuda libnpp"]
 and now is:
  [scale_npp_filter_deps="cuda_sdk libnpp"].

 For sure you need to install the CUDA SDK, but the correct configuration
 is the ancient: the requirement is "cuda" not "cuda_sdk" (for libnpp).

 Please, update the configuration file to reflect this fact.

 I confirm this because I'm compiling and using one custom FFMpeg compiled
 as this.

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