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#6405: Compile troubles with “cuvid”, “nvenc” and “npp”
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Comment (by ahakon):


 Regarding the linking to CUDA SDK, here more specific info:

 - The source file "compat/cuda/dynlink_loader.h" contains all references
 to dynamic links using NV HW:
      # define CUDA_LIBNAME "libcuda.so.1"
      # define NVCUVID_LIBNAME "libnvcuvid.so.1"
      # define NVENC_LIBNAME "libnvidia-encode.so.1"

 - All these files are installed by the driver in "/usr/lib/*"

 - All CUDA SDK libraries (dynamic/static) are installed in

 Then, you don't need to link to the CUDA SDK (-lcuda) if is not strictly
 And when you use the filter "scale_npp" is not necessary to link to the
 CUDA SDK, as the use of CUDA functions are dynamic loaded from
 "libcuda.so.1" as "dynlink_loader.h" describes.
 This is the same behaviour of the h264_nvenc; it loads "libcuda.so.1" and
 "libnvidia-encode.so.1" dynamically.

 So, the configuration forcing to link to CUDA SDK when enabling the filter
 "scale_npp" is erroneous.
 Please, fix the configuration of the configure file to:

      [scale_npp_filter_deps="cuda libnpp"]

 instead of the wrong:

      [scale_npp_filter_deps="cuda_sdk libnpp"]

 For sure for the "scale_cuda" the requirement of "cuda_sdk" is correct.
 This only applyes to filter "scale_npp".

 I hope you fix it soon!

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