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#7589: NewTek distributing non-free FFmpeg build
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Comment (by cehoyos):

 I received many comments about my suggestion to remove libndi support from
 FFmpeg. Some people have pointed out that such a quick reaction may not be
 appropriate and that the FFmpeg developers (and myself) should instead try
 to find a consensual solution for the copyright infringement, especially
 since Andrew Cross has reacted so quickly and assured us that he indeed is
 interested in cooperating with us to solve the issue.
 After careful consideration, I suggest we take the same approach as was
 done with Amazon in ticket #7214: !NewTek releases the source code for the
 needed libndi library under GPL or a less strict and compatible license to
 comply with the GPL (as is required anyway by US copyright law) and in
 return, I personally (and hopefully all other FFmpeg developers) will not
 insist on !NewTek stopping the distribution of binaries based on FFmpeg
 source code after th copyright of the FFmpeg developers was violated by
 !NewTek. I am hopeful that this will also be acceptable for the x264
 @across: Please comment if this is an acceptable path for you, I suggest
 to discuss this in public, according to common open-source practice and as
 it was done with Amazon.

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