[FFmpeg-trac] #6711(undetermined:new): error 'libavcodec/x86/proresdsp.o' has no sections

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Tue Feb 13 18:39:46 EET 2018

#6711: error 'libavcodec/x86/proresdsp.o' has no sections
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Comment (by kfg):

 I've hit this bug while trying to update the mingw-w64-ffmpeg package in
 the Arch Linux AUR from 3.3 to 3.4.x.

 I did check commit 18f09524 and 18f09524!^ as suggested by cehoyos and
 neither contained the problem.

 I then did a git bisect from 18f09524 as first good commit to current
 master (474194a8d0f2812802c275f6ed4f0fd5cd58ae0e) as last bad commit. The
 bisect resulted in commit 4f9297ac3b39098547863d28fbc8d2a906d5be49 as
 first bad commit. After adding --x86asmexe=yasm to the configure arguments
 to revert to yasm as suggested in the changelog the bug was fixed.

 So it seems like nasm produces a libavcodec/x86/proresdsp.o that cannot be
 stripped by the mingw-w64 strip tools.

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