[FFmpeg-trac] #7323(undetermined:new): aac decoder - file with errors in console (plays fine though) - Telekom 360° Apple HLS stream

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Fri Jul 20 21:33:48 EEST 2018

#7323: aac decoder - file with errors in console (plays fine though) - Telekom
360° Apple HLS stream
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 If you look at the German Telekom's HLS streams with ffmpeg, then you can
 The Main stream (2D) can be saved/played just fine.
 If you look at one of the 2 360° streams, then ffmpeg's aac decoder
 errors, because the encoder seems to have used some still unknown
 I'll leave it as defect though for now, since I can't be sure.
 The audio plays fine in VLC and AIMP.
 FFmpeg still shows errors when I try to copy again, after downloading and
 saving. (I haven't tested reencoding, yet)

 The URLs might change till Monday, but you can get the most up-to-date URL
 (Inspect the page with your browser and use the network tab to get the
 m3u8 address)

 ffmpeg -i "https://streaming-magenta-
 music-360.akamaized.net/hls/live/573873/mm360_vr1/index.m3u8" -map 0:p:3
 -c copy .\file.mp4
 ffmpeg -i "https://streaming-magenta-
 music-360.akamaized.net/hls/live/573874/mm360_vr2/index.m3u8" -map 0:p:3
 -c copy file.mp4

 I'll attach the files and the (verbose) console logs.
 Hopefully, they will help you in getting ffmpeg to support these kind of
 aac streams in the future :)

 The errors I'm seeing:

 aac container
 [adts @ 0000026004067040] Application provided invalid, non monotonically
 increasing dts to muxer in stream 0: 34080 >= 34080

 ts container
 [mpegts @ 000001da3ba5d280] AAC bitstream not in ADTS format and extradata

 mp4 container
 [mp4 @ 000001df2d2cb600] aac bitstream error

 in-case my attached aac streams are faulty (because ffmpeg doesn't support
 them, yet), then you still have some time to save some yourself/test on
 the live streams :)


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