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#7112: FFmpeg should support hwaccel to handle device lost issue
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 I often face "device lost" problem when use hardware-based decoders and I
 believe others using hardware-based encoders/filters face the same

 For example, when the device lost, h264_nvdec (CUDA) decoder would give
 errors like this:
  [h264 @ AVCodecContext] Error decoding a picture with NVDEC: 700
  [h264 @ AVCodecContext] hardware accelerator failed to decode picture

 There are many reasons may cause GPU device lost during its working such

         - The graphics driver is upgraded.
         - The system changes from a power-saving graphics adapter to a
 performance graphics adapter.
         - The graphics device stops responding and is reset.
         - User manually disable or enable device.
         - A graphics adapter is physically attached or removed.
         - Remote access to the PC which could change display resolution.
         - Unplugging or plugging the monitor cable to the VGA adapter.
         - Etc.

 Of course, not all reasons cause "device lost" always, some may happen to
 some kind of PCs but may not happen to others.

 I would FFmpeg to provide a callback mechanism giving the API user a
 chance to reset or recreate
 the hardware acceleration resources, or even switch to software
 decoder/encoder/filter if the device
 can not be recovered.

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