[FFmpeg-trac] #6017(undetermined:new): --disable-everything keeps nvidia stuff enabled

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Fri Mar 30 21:55:49 EEST 2018

#6017: --disable-everything keeps nvidia stuff enabled
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Comment (by Gyan):

 `--disable-autodetect` is blunt, and is, IMHO, the wrong tack.

 The test for an external lib should be whether there's at least one
 enabled component making use of the lib, and if not, that lib shouldn't be
 linked e.g.,

 `--disable-everything --enable-libx264` should fail since lavc/libx264.c
 isn't enabled and libx264 is expressly specified.

 `--disable-everything --enable-encoder=png` should be successful and link
 (autodetected) zlib but not cuda..etc.

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