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#7550: Audible artifacts when converting from WAV to AAC
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Comment (by sleroux):

 Hi @cehoyos. Thank you for your comment.

 > Your input sample is completely silent between 5:30:930 and 5:30:940.
 From what I can hear here, it is not completely silent in the original:

 ffplay -ss 00:05:29 http://www.chicoree.fr/pub/ffmpeg-wav-to-aac-
 If you use a visualization tool, you may need to look at the waveform
 using a log/dB scale instead of a linear one.

 The speaker saids "[...]Look at the Bluetooth hardware indi`^`cator you
 may see it blinks rapidly[...]", where `^` denotes the point where the
 artifact is audible. It's while the "I" sound is decaying, and just before
 the attack for the  "CA" sound.

 With quality headphones, I can clearly hear the difference with
 ffplay -ss 00:05:29 http://www.chicoree.fr/pub/ffmpeg-wav-to-aac-
 In that latter case, there is undoubtedly some extra noise on the right
 channel. Actually, this is that asymmetry that makes me noticed it.

 Let me know if it was unclear.

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