[FFmpeg-trac] #7553(undetermined:new): start_time / start_pts is wrong for AAC in MOV

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Mon Nov 19 20:33:47 EET 2018

#7553: start_time / start_pts is wrong for AAC in MOV
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Comment (by shekh):

 This is minor issue.
 I used AVStream.start_time to calculate target position for seeking. It
 turns out **start_time** is not useful for this and I need to extract it
 myself by reading packets and other guesswork.

 `Decoding: pts of the first frame of the stream in presentation order, in
 stream time base.`

 Just noticed the word "frame" (vs packet). Does it mean the packet at pts
 -1024 results in completely discarded frame which does not count as "true
 start" now?
 If I seek to start_time (0) the next frame will be discarded too, so the
 first frame I actually get will have pts=1024. This is confusing.

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