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#6971: ffmpeg drops frames after deinterlacing
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Comment (by malakudi):

 Replying to [comment:28 oromit]:
 > The issue is that the timebase will be 1/25 for 25i content. So it's
 impossible to represent 50 fps in that timebase, but a decoder can't
 change the timebase.
 > Hence the -r 50 on input, to trick ffmpeg.c into using a 1/50 timebase.
 > Results of trying to double the framerate on a timebase where +1 is
 already too much are pretty much random.
 > This jumping is weird though, and I can't reproduce it here. I suspect
 the source material is already broken like that and it just carries
 > Keep in mind that mpeg2 is most likely not a well tested format, and
 nvidias parser also is far from perfect for common formats. So it messing
 up the re-ordering is not out of the question.

 Input of last log with the jumping frame timestamps is a standard h264
 1080i dvb-t transmission here in Greece. You can get a small part of it
 from my vps server,

 ffmpeg-3.3.9 does not show this jumping and that's why it works there with
 -r 50 on output. Full command I do this test is:
 ./ffmpeg-git -debug_ts -hwaccel cuvid -c:v h264_cuvid -deint adaptive -f
 mpegts -i input_1080i.ts -aspect 16:9 -flags:v +cgop -vcodec h264_nvenc -g
 200 -refs 4 -bf 3 -profile:v high -level 4.2 -c:a aac -ac 2 -b:a 128k -r
 50 -f mpegts -y /dev/null 2>&1 | egrep ^filter

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