[FFmpeg-trac] #7404(undetermined:new): [ffmpeg-qsv][vc1_decode]some frames error in dump file on iHD driver.

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Tue Sep 11 02:38:46 EEST 2018

#7404: [ffmpeg-qsv][vc1_decode]some frames error in dump file on iHD driver.
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             Priority:  normal       |  undetermined
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Comment (by jkqxz):

 Can you share the input file for this?

 Also, please try decoding with VAAPI directly on the iHD driver.  The
 libmfx decoder wrappers should probably be considered deprecated, since
 the platform hwaccel implementations in each case (DXVA2, D3D11VA, VAAPI)
 are better is essentially all respects (and also support mapping to libmfx
 surfaces if that's needed for some later operation).

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