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Wed Sep 19 09:58:39 EEST 2018

#7446: x264 init race/corruption
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 Summary of the bug:

 I have a program that creates many concurrent instances of x264 via
 AVCodecContext. Occasionally, I'll get the following output:

 x264 [error]: invalid tune '[RANDOM JUNK]'

 and avcodec_open2 will fail.

 I've attached a stripped down program that reproduces the issue, at least
 on Ubuntu 16.04.

 This appears to happen with all x264 versions, I tried the latest stable
 commit, and one from several years ago.

 This does *NOT* happen with older FFmpeg versions. I git bisected and
 found that the problem started happening on commit:

 [abaa12263e08ae7b2099f00fa4597ae6a86d7a9c] avcodec: Don't lock during open
 if the codec has threadsafe init]

 .... which is not surprising, but not terribly helpful in finding what
 exactly is happening in X264_init that causes the issue.

 Hopefully this is just me being dumb, any pointers would be appreciated.

 How to reproduce:

 Build enc_test.c:

 gcc -o enc_test enc_test.c -lavcodec -lavformat -lavutil -lpthread

 Run 1-10 times, with num_threads between 4-32, whatever is appropriate for
 your machine. Happens more often with higher thread counts. It should
 happen early on, so ctrl-c and try again if it hasn't happened with in a
 few seconds.

 ./enc_test [num_threads]

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