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#2874: Export image2 file name as frame metadata
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Comment (by AlexSmith):

 While this is not marked as solved, a handy solution is to define a tag
 within each image with the desired value. In this case, I'm defining tag
 ImageDescription to contain the path to each file found. Like this:

 find -name "*.JPG" -exec exif --tag="ImageDescription" --ifd=0 --set-
 value="{}" --output="{}" "{}" \;

 Or, if you need more control over what's being saved to the metatag, you
 can use:

 find -name "*.JPG" | while read f; do exif --tag="ImageDescription"
 --ifd=0 --set-value="$f" --output="$f" "$f"; done

 Then issuing something ffmpeg like this:

 ffmpeg -f image2 -pattern_type glob -framerate 12 -i
 '/path/to/some/dir/*.JPG' -s 1920x1080 -b:v 3M -filter_complex

 The above will use drawtext for two things:

 1. Drawing the contents of DateTime metadata.
 2. Drawing the contents of ImageDescription metadata.

 Hope this helps someone out there.

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