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#8452: slow png decode starting with ffmpeg-3.3.1
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 It had been a long time since I have used the latest ffmpeg and have been
 using an old version. So recently I modified my code to use the latest
 ffmpeg 4.2.x. Ran a few test with some mp4 files and seemed ok. Then I ran
 a test with a 1920x1080 mov video that used AV_CODEC_ID_PNG. I noticed the
 CPU seemed high so I cross checked with older ffmpeg version and decoding
 was faster. I narrowed it down and last known good was ffmpeg-3.2.9.

 Using ffmpeg 3.2.9 and ffmpeg 3.3.1 I came up with some stats. I used a
 1920x1080 RGBA 30 FPS video. Windows 7, i7 CPU, 1060 GPU. I checked the
 time to decode 30 frames of video. This is just the decoding time and
 nothing else.

 '''decoding 30 frames of png video'''
                threads   decode time    CPU%
 ffmpeg 3.2.9      1        745ms        8-10%
 ffmpeg 3.2.9      2         35ms        8-10%

 ffmpeg 3.3.1      1       1500ms       10-12%
 ffmpeg 3.3.1      2        540ms       18-20%

 I am assuming the problem comes from the use of the atomic functions added
 to pthread_frame.c in 3.3.1. Not sure but seems most likely case.

 Here is the commitdiff where that was added:

 The ffmpeg source was downloaded from here:

 Best way to check this is to time the decode only as I did using an
 appropriate sample file which I will put up. Just looking at the playback
 is probably not enough to verify.

 The slow_png_decode_cut.mov sample is not as complex and decodes a bit
 faster but still slow.

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