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#7720: ffprobe and AVI audio delay
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Comment (by DCTing):

 Unfortunately the original AVI file is 1.98Gb length, unless you point a
 way for me to upload it.

 I've tried to trim it and get a shorter test file to upload, but the
 operation doesn't inherit the strange delay property.

 For example if I trim it with...

 ffmpeg -i InputFile.avi -t 30 -c:v copy -c:a copy OutputFile.avi

 ...I get an invalid video, with the delay "burned" and '''clearly
 audible''', in spite of the copy order, that should keep it intact. In the
 input file delay '''is not''' audible.

 Somehow the metadata that informs about the delay is cleared in the
 trimming process (and in '''any''' process, I dare to say). Depending on
 the tool used to trim, sometimes the delay gets burned in (ffmpeg,
 Avidemux), and sometimes not (because corrected by the tool, as

 But always the final result looses the metadata about the delay info, that
 is the one we want to measure with ffprobe.

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