[FFmpeg-trac] #8364(undetermined:closed): “ffmpeg -h encoder=libx264”: “Supported pixel formats”: Remove “nv12” and “nv21”

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#8364: “ffmpeg -h encoder=libx264”: “Supported pixel formats”: Remove “nv12” and
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Comment (by Kdmeizk):

 Yes. With this question, I try to check if “Supported pixel formats” could
 be renamed “Supported input pixel formats” or “Supported output pixel
 formats” to easier understand.
 I looked in “x264-r2969-d4099dd.exe --fullhelp”:
       --input-csp <string>    Specify input colorspace format for raw
                               - valid csps for `raw' demuxer:
                                 i420, yv12, nv12, nv21, i422, yv16, nv16,
 i444, yv24, bgr, bgra, rgb
                               - valid csps for `lavf' demuxer:
                                 yuv420p, yuyv422, rgb24, bgr24, yuv422p,
                                 yuv444p, yuv410p, yuv411p, gray, monow,
                                 pal8, yuvj420p, yuvj422p, yuvj444p,
                                 xvmcidct, uyvy422, uyyvyy411, bgr8, bgr4,
                                 bgr4_byte, rgb8, rgb4, rgb4_byte, nv12,
                                 argb, rgba, abgr, bgra, gray16be,
                                 yuv440p, yuvj440p, yuva420p, vdpau_h264,
                                 vdpau_mpeg1, vdpau_mpeg2, vdpau_wmv3,
                                 vdpau_vc1, rgb48be, rgb48le, rgb565be,
                                 rgb565le, rgb555be, rgb555le, bgr565be,
                                 bgr565le, bgr555be, bgr555le, vaapi_moco,
                                 vaapi_idct, vaapi_vld, yuv420p16le,
                                 yuv420p16be, yuv422p16le, yuv422p16be,
                                 yuv444p16le, yuv444p16be, vdpau_mpeg4,
                                 dxva2_vld, rgb444le, rgb444be, bgr444le,
                                 bgr444be, ya8, bgr48be, bgr48le,
                                 yuv420p9le, yuv420p10be, yuv420p10le,
                                 yuv422p10be, yuv422p10le, yuv444p9be,
                                 yuv444p9le, yuv444p10be, yuv444p10le,
                                 yuv422p9be, yuv422p9le, vda_vld, gbrp,
                                 gbrp9le, gbrp10be, gbrp10le, gbrp16be,
                                 gbrp16le, yuva422p, yuva444p, yuva420p9be,
                                 yuva420p9le, yuva422p9be, yuva422p9le,
                                 yuva444p9be, yuva444p9le, yuva420p10be,
                                 yuva420p10le, yuva422p10be, yuva422p10le,
                                 yuva444p10be, yuva444p10le, yuva420p16be,
                                 yuva420p16le, yuva422p16be, yuva422p16le,
                                 yuva444p16be, yuva444p16le, vdpau,
                                 xyz12be, nv16, nv20le, nv20be, rgba64be,
                                 rgba64le, bgra64be, bgra64le, yvyu422,
                                 ya16be, ya16le, gbrap, gbrap16be,
                                 qsv, mmal, d3d11va_vld, cuda, p010le,
       --output-csp <string>   Specify output colorspace ["i420"]
                                   - i420, i422, i444, rgb
 “input-csp” better approaches “Supported pixel formats”, so it is in
 favour of “Supported input pixel formats”.

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