[FFmpeg-trac] #8366(avformat:new): Audio ticks and video/audio out-of-sync when using MXF files with pre-charge

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#8366: Audio ticks and video/audio out-of-sync when using MXF files with pre-
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Comment (by HenkDemper):


 > If I dare add a related use case : when stream-copying, you may expect
 the precharge/postroll to be reported as a new precharge/postroll in the
 output wrapper (actual mxf precharge or mov editlist)

 Correct, when not re-encoding video pre-charge figures would need to be
 preserved (or adjusted depending if you specify an offset when copying)
 between any combination of MOV/MXF wrapper. It is not that simple, see the
 attachment 'Rewrap with PreCharge and/or RollOut.pdf' that is part of this
 ticket for a bit of clarification (taken from our own non-ffmpeg
 implementation of a rewrapper that does that).

 @Tjoppen and @cehoyos

 Do I understand correct from your replies that -given that by no means I
 have knowledge of the internals of ffplay/fftools etc- to solve this issue
 is not going to be 'an easy one' and I should adjust my expectations for
 any quick fix (if ever) accordingly ?

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