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#8397: Syntax errors in astats documentation
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 There are many syntax errors in the documentation for the astats filter:

 wrong:   DC offset
 correct: DC_offset

 wrong:   Min level
 correct: Min_level

 wrong:   Max level
 correct: Max_level

 wrong:   Min difference
 correct: Min_difference

 wrong:   Max difference
 correct: Max_difference

 wrong:   Mean difference
 correct: Mean_difference

 wrong:   RMS difference
 correct: RMS_difference

 wrong:   Peak level dB
 correct: Peak_level

 wrong:   RMS level dB
 correct: RMS_level

 wrong:   RMS peak dB
 correct: RMS_peak

 wrong:   RMS trough dB
 correct: RMS_trough

 wrong:   Crest factor
 correct: Crest_factor

 wrong:   Flat factor
 correct: Flat_factor

 wrong:   Peak count
 correct: Peak_count

 wrong:   Bit depth
 correct: Bit_depth

 wrong:   Dynamic range
 correct: Dynamic_range

 wrong:   Zero crossings
 correct: Zero_crossings

 wrong:   Zero crossings rate
 correct: Zero_crossings_rate

 Please also note that there are some more undocumented options:
 Number_of_NaNs  Number_of_Infs  Number_of_denormals  Number_of_samples

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