[FFmpeg-trac] #8126(avcodec:new): When I play a mkv(video:avc/audio:flac) not from the begining, it blurred.

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Tue Sep 10 04:09:40 EEST 2019

#8126: When I play a mkv(video:avc/audio:flac) not from the begining,it blurred.
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Comment (by WillFarmer):

 Replying to [comment:9 mkver]:
 > This file has been created by an old version of x264 (and apparently
 even a modded version: x264 core 148 r2744+45 a477af1 7mod [10-bit at all
 X86_64]) and such old versions could produce spec-incompliant files when
 4:4:4 mode was used and 8x8dct was set to 1. For some time, FFmpeg's
 decoder was spec-incompliant, too, and essentially covered up for x264.
 But this has been changed and spec-compliant decoding is now the default.
 But if an SEI is encountered that indicates that this file has been
 produced by an old and buggy x264, then the old spec-incompliant decoding
 mode is used. Your file contains such an SEI in the very first frame
 (which contains the aforementioned x264 version and the encoding
 parameters used), so if you start decoding from the beginning, everything
 seems fine. But if you start decoding somewhere else, the file won't be
 properly decodable, unless you explicitly set the x264 build using the
 x264_build option.
 > At the moment, there is only one thing you can do: Encode the video
 (either from the beginning or with the x264_build option) again with a
 recent version of x264. If you have the source of said file, this is
 viable. It would also make sense if your video were losslessly coded, but
 it isn't. Losslessly reencoding the video as is will unfortunately make it
 much bigger and reencoding the video in a lossy way is lossy, of course.
 > But there is one thing that could be implemented for a scenario as this:
 Add an option to (say) h264_metadata to insert the x264 SEI into every
 keyframe. I have changed this topic to a request to implement this.

 Thanks a lot.
 Please notice me when complete this request so I can verify in time.
 Thanks again.

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