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#7037: ffmpeg destroys HDR metadata when encoding
             Reporter:  mario66      |                    Owner:  cehoyos
                 Type:  enhancement  |                   Status:  open
             Priority:  important    |                Component:  avcodec
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             Keywords:  libx265 hdr  |               Blocked By:
  metadata                           |
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Changes (by delirio):

 * cc: delirio@… (added)
 * keywords:  libx265 hdr => libx265 hdr metadata
 * priority:  normal => important


 '''ffmpeg''' is a great product and the developers deserve congratulations
 for their devotion to this project. As for current discussion I would like
 to add the following updates:

 1. nvenv encoder already added the option to copy the HDR metadata: see

 Add option to copy HDR related metadata. ( #185, --master-display copy,
 --max-cll copy)

 2. Given the popularity of the HDR10 and the fact that it is supported by
 all current 4K TV manufacturers, it would be a pity not to support this
 HDR medatada; what is the point of encoding from a 4K HDR original source,
 if the HDR support is lost? Also all original sources are coming in HDR in
 the last years.

 3. You can manually create some script to manually extract this metadata
 and later insert, but definitely would prefer that ffmpeg handles this

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