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#8482: Please clarify user expertise requirements
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Comment (by mario66):

 Replying to [comment:2 gdgsdg123]:
 > > I regularly do ABX tests and find that my converted videos do not
 suffer from any quality loss.
 > ...In fact you don't need such level of quality nor are you willing to
 afford the price.

 BUT, what if the videos just work "by accident", like my TV coincidentally
 assumes the correct color space by default?
 And what if I buy a new TV that does not assume the correct color space?
 This is a scary thought indeed.

 > ...It's also what makes the average Joe average: if the average Joe
 started to behave above average, he's no longer the average Joe.

 I always think that mankind should improve the average. Think about
 medieval times. The average was low life expectation, hard work, low
 living standards. Things improved a lot for the average Joe.
 My dream would be that there is a software so smart that it will just
 transcode the video in the correct way, without the risk of loosing color
 space information. Then preserving color spaces will be the new average. I
 think this is a great goal to aim for.

 But until now, as this is not the case at the moment, people should be
 fully aware of this. There should be like a red warning sign. "Caution:
 This software will destroy color space of transcoded videos unless you are
 a studied expert on the topic who knows exactly how to arrange all the
 numerous command line options in such a way that this not happens."
 This is the truth. Why not tell everyone about this?

 Of course I see that you try to improve things. Once this has been solved,
 we can indeed bring back the old text where it said "Converting video and
 audio has never been so easy." and then it will be actually true. :-)

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