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Tue Jan 21 12:27:31 EET 2020

#8491: Memory utilization increase with mp4 muxing
             Reporter:  olpipi       |                     Type:  defect
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  undetermined                       |  master
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  mp4                                |
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 I want to mux h264 stream into mp4 container. Memory usage of ffmpeg
 process increases infinitely over time .
 For example, I tried to mux 1920x1080 stream repeatedly many times into
 one output file. Rate of muxing was ~26000 fps. Memory utilization
 increased by 200MB in 90 sec.
 See chart in attachments (1920x1080, 60 fps, 6hrs, memory utilization
 increased by 80MB).
 If I try to mux into flv container (-f flv "out.flv"), I don't observe
 this issue.

 How to reproduce:
 % ffmpeg -i test.h264 -c:v copy -f mp4 "out.mp4"
 I measure memory usage with Windows Task Manager and with Performance
 ffmpeg-20200115-0dc0837 for Windows (nightly build)

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