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Wed Sep 2 23:48:52 EEST 2020

#8881: First segment corrupted when using segment & ogg muxers
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 I am trying to output segmented .ogg using segment muxer.

 If {{{segment_time}}} and {{{segment_atclocktime}}} command line options
 are specified (value doesn't matter), the first segment is corrupted.
 ffprobe says:
 {{{[ogg @ 0x...] Codec not found}}}

 What does work:
 {{{-f segment -segment_time 1 'segment%d.ogg'}}}

 What causes corruption:
 {{{-f segment -segment_time 1 -segment_atclocktime 0 -strftime 0
 {{{-f segment -segment_time 10 -segment_atclocktime 1 -strftime 1
 The {{{-strftime 1}}} variant was tested with {{{-re}}}

 First segment is fine when using webm container.

 It is regression since 4.2.4.

 How to reproduce:
 ffmpeg -f lavfi -i
 'anoisesrc=color=pink[L];anoisesrc=color=pink[R];[L][R]amerge=2' -c:a
 libvorbis -b:a 224k -f segment -segment_time 1 -segment_atclocktime 0
 -strftime 0 -t 2 'segment%d.ogg'
 ffprobe segment0.ogg

 Git bisect returned a commit which looks unrelated. I'm puzzled.

 Tail of bisect output:
 b09fb030c15fea2a1cbddf0074c498a415f3fed2 is the first new commit
 commit b09fb030c15fea2a1cbddf0074c498a415f3fed2
 Author: Fei Wang <fei.w.wang at intel.com>
 Date:   Wed Apr 22 13:23:01 2020 +0800

     lavu/pix_fmt: add new pixel format x2rgb10

     The format is packed RGB with each channel 10 bits available and
     include 2 bits unused.

     Signed-off-by: Fei Wang <fei.w.wang at intel.com>

  libavutil/pixdesc.c                     | 24 ++++++++++++++++++++++++
  libavutil/pixfmt.h                      |  3 +++
  libavutil/version.h                     |  2 +-
  tests/ref/fate/filter-pixdesc-x2rgb10le |  1 +
  tests/ref/fate/sws-pixdesc-query        | 11 +++++++++++
  5 files changed, 40 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)
  create mode 100644 tests/ref/fate/filter-pixdesc-x2rgb10le
 bisect run success

 $ git bisect log
 git bisect start
 # old: [f9f95ceebfbd7b7f43c1b7ad34e25d366e6e2d2b] Changelog: update
 git bisect old f9f95ceebfbd7b7f43c1b7ad34e25d366e6e2d2b
 # new: [7b1ed4b53a4b32865dd9990f555929e803f64b64] avcodec/proresdec2: let
 long name match one from codec_desc.c
 git bisect new 7b1ed4b53a4b32865dd9990f555929e803f64b64
 # old: [22db337a40275599eb8883b40bc03ecfc272ca1a] Bump minor versions to
 separate 4.2 from master
 git bisect old 22db337a40275599eb8883b40bc03ecfc272ca1a
 # old: [53a485cd374edff1f0701310af47bf0fd3dd3c0e] avfilter/af_afftfilt:
 fix memory leaks on error
 git bisect old 53a485cd374edff1f0701310af47bf0fd3dd3c0e
 # old: [99c58e49e84e055d0a2b8f0372dfa3dbe815819b] avformat/matroskaenc:
 Clean up mkv_write_stereo_mode()
 git bisect old 99c58e49e84e055d0a2b8f0372dfa3dbe815819b
 # new: [638ef5f75896e60dc437d0955ced3cb1901a5e25] avformat/smacker: Don't
 read only one byte at a time
 git bisect new 638ef5f75896e60dc437d0955ced3cb1901a5e25
 # old: [7aa7d68971e48f6bbf729a6feb318a17010d410f] AVFormatContext: switch
 to child_class_iterate()
 git bisect old 7aa7d68971e48f6bbf729a6feb318a17010d410f
 # new: [e3b5897fe3f1b76b4d46bab452cd35a7f308a93a] avcodec/libx265: Fix
 integer overflow in computation of max and avg bitrate
 git bisect new e3b5897fe3f1b76b4d46bab452cd35a7f308a93a
 # new: [bd0f81526d3f4c23ecd0a399829103be2445c011] avcodec/pixlet: Fix
 log(0) check
 git bisect new bd0f81526d3f4c23ecd0a399829103be2445c011
 # new: [61454bb6fff8f77ad51091b76835c41c6c8ec9d8] avcodec/apedec: add
 git bisect new 61454bb6fff8f77ad51091b76835c41c6c8ec9d8
 # old: [38737b3d4e03e2a089083e38cd1fd6f9b4c3ddfd] mailmap: add entry for
 git bisect old 38737b3d4e03e2a089083e38cd1fd6f9b4c3ddfd
 # new: [49ba60fed04d7011c36bae378445ba93ccf983c2] avcodec/cbs: Allocate
 more CodedBitstreamUnit at once in cbs_insert_unit()
 git bisect new 49ba60fed04d7011c36bae378445ba93ccf983c2
 # new: [fd54add89c4fed77a30ead2c08103be580881951] doc/APIchanges: add new
 git bisect new fd54add89c4fed77a30ead2c08103be580881951
 # new: [c721b450141d6bbe1e977212a0bcb70118965c34] swscale: Add swscale
 input/output support for X2RGB10LE
 git bisect new c721b450141d6bbe1e977212a0bcb70118965c34
 # new: [b09fb030c15fea2a1cbddf0074c498a415f3fed2] lavu/pix_fmt: add new
 pixel format x2rgb10
 git bisect new b09fb030c15fea2a1cbddf0074c498a415f3fed2
 # first new commit: [b09fb030c15fea2a1cbddf0074c498a415f3fed2]
 lavu/pix_fmt: add new pixel format x2rgb10

 I attach encoding log, decoding log and bisect helper scripts.
 After saving helper scripts in current directory, my tests can be
 replicated using:
 git clone https://git.ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg.git
 cd ffmpeg
 git bisect start
 git bisect old n4.2.4
 git bisect new master
 git bisect run ../trigger

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