[FFmpeg-trac] #9540(ffmpeg:new): time_id3 metadata is not properly copied

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Tue Nov 30 11:33:16 EET 2021

#9540: time_id3 metadata is not properly copied
             Reporter:  Carlos       |                     Type:  defect
  Salazar                            |
               Status:  new          |                 Priority:  normal
            Component:  ffmpeg       |                  Version:
                                     |  unspecified
             Keywords:  timed_id3    |               Blocked By:
             Blocking:               |  Reproduced by developer:  0
Analyzed by developer:  0            |
 When trying to map and copy time_id3 metadata from a .ts file to a .ts
 file, the time_id3 metadata is copied (e.g PRIV tags) but the ID3 header
 is not inserted (x49 x44 x33).

 ID3v2 header

 The first part of the ID3v2 tag is the 10 byte tag header, laid out
 as follows:

      ID3v2/file identifier      "ID3"
      ID3v2 version              $04 00
      ID3v2 flags                %abcd0000
      ID3v2 size             4 * %0xxxxxxx


 % ffmpeg -i 3.ts -map 0:a -c:a copy -map 0:v -c:v copy -map 0:d -c:d copy
 -f mpegts  3b.ts
 ffmpeg version N-104633-g0e22d2e59b
 built with Apple clang version 12.0.0
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