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#9462: Ffmpeg not removing unwanted metadata
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Comment (by steipal):

 First, if docs for the sidedata filter is correct:
     "''If type is not set, delete all side data in the frame.''"

 The thing is that this side data will ''break'''''''' some players
 utilizing it. And they are clearly ''wrong'''''''' if one for example
 convert this source to 8 bit bt601.
 Usually I'm forced to use '''sidedata=delete''' and '''-map_metadata -1'''
 in order to get rid of unwanted side data and metadata, and this has fixed
 problems like this before. The side data in question is indeed presented
 as side data by ffmpeg and so one is lead to believe that they can also be
 removed by for example '''sidedata=delete'''. But they don't, and if there
 is no means to remove it then we have a problem.

 ''PS: I'm fully aware that one can remove this by utilizing AviSynth or
 piping to another ffmpeg but this is clearly not a good solution.
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