[FFmpeg-trac] #9447(avfilter:closed): avfilter/vf_v360 interprets commands as relative rotation offsets

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Wed Oct 20 15:14:05 EEST 2021

#9447: avfilter/vf_v360 interprets commands as relative rotation offsets
             Reporter:  Saul Baker  |                    Owner:  (none)
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Comment (by Saul Baker):

 Landed in the mpv build now allowing for more complex testing of rotating
 multiple axes asynchronously.

 The need to re-state the rotations for axes intended to be unmodified
 becomes quite troublesome, for example combining a:

 yaw from -45 to 45 from 2-6s alongside a
 pitch from -45 to 45 from 4-8s

 Requires the pitch commands to be split up so that there are three
 separate command intervals for this movement, one for pure yaw, one for
 pitch and continuing the yaw movement, one for pitch alone but re-stating
 the now unmodified yaw.

 In doing that I'm occasionally seeing quick flashes of some of rotations
 reset to 0 as intervals switch - I suspect it's either timestamp precision
 or the alignment of the timestamp in the command script and the
 presentation timestamp of the frame for which the interval expression is
 being evaludated.

 I suppose the core questions are:
 - Is it necessary to switch off reset_rot every command evaluation?
 - Is it necessary to zero pitch,yaw,roll every evaluation while in
 reset_rot mode?

 I'd tentatively suggest something like this might be a better way of
 handing the flag and rot resets:

 static int process_command(AVFilterContext *ctx, const char *cmd, const
 char *args, char *res, int res_len, int flags)
     V360Context *s = ctx->priv;
     int ret;

     if (s->reset_rot) {
     } else {
         s->yaw = s->pitch = s->roll = 0.f;

     ret = ff_filter_process_command(ctx, cmd, args, res, res_len, flags);
     if (ret < 0)
         return ret;

     return config_output(ctx->outputs[0]);

 As it removes the side effects of resetting the untouched rotations and
 allows consistent setting of reset_rot mode once, perhaps I'm missing
 something, particularly in calling reset_rot before
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